Saturday, April 28, 2018


Whoa, wait, what? 

Before everyone gets excited, we're not moving to the farm. Though in a way, this is a step closer.  We've been in a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment now for a couple of years. We've decided to downsize and have chosen a 1 bedroom/1 bath with study.  

Our rent is much less so more savings ahead. That's how it gets us a step closer (and gives us more funds to upgrade things at the farm).  When we downsized from the house to the apartment we went with the bigger unit but after living here, we thought about how we use the space and came to realization that we could scale down some more.

So that was the reason for the absence yesterday.  We both took the day off and moved everything from every cabinet and drawer and every little thing that wasn't nailed down except the big furniture.  We used a valet cart and made a lot of trips up and down the elevator.  It's all indoors so we don't have to worry about weather or temperature. 

We're tired and sore today, but as this posts, the movers will be taking the big stuff.  Couches, bed, dresser, dining room table and chairs, coffee table, nightstands, hutch, china cabinet, etc, etc. 

We have a SABERCATS rugby game later today so that will be our escape from the moving craziness.

Tomorrow I will head to the farm early to mow/edge and check the garden and then come back to the chaos of putting things up where they belong. 

And then Monday it's back to work for both of us.

Hope you are having a good weekend!


  1. Happy One Step Closer To Farm Life Day!

  2. I suppose you will have to find a new place to find cast off goodies. Good luck in moving closer to the farm.

  3. Smart to downsize expenses and save all the money you can. Times are changing and not for the better. Your escape to the farm may become necessary.

  4. Are you still in the same apartment block ?
    That was a good idea, savings to get the farm move in ready sooner, you never know when the time will be right.

  5. You probably needed that transition time from a house to a 2-bedroom apartment. Now that you're used to living in less space, the downsize to a 1-bedroom is a great idea to build up that nest egg for the Farm. Do you still have that beautiful view of the city?

  6. At least you're in the same complex to get them wonderful treasures that residents throw out.
    Sounds like you will be having a busy and fun day ahead along with busy weekend.
    We where finally able to get our yard mowed so best of luck to you on getting yours done over the weekend.
    Have a great day

  7. Good luck in your new property, I'm sure you'll settle in quickly :D

  8. Enjoy the beautiful day at the farm!


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