Sunday, July 1, 2018


Yep, it's here.  It is July 1st and the dog days of Summer have officially arrived.   

Today it was 98 with a "feels like" that was well over 100.  They set up cooling centers around town and sent out emergency alerts telling people to stay inside where it's cool and drink lots of water.  

Of course, I still had to mow...

It was tall and thick.  I haven't mowed in almost 3 weeks (rainy weekends).  It grew.  Lush and green but needed to be mowed.

When I was done it looks much better.  I had excess grass clippings everywhere and it's really short but hey, this time of year we always tell ourselves to cut low and let it go...because it's just too damn hot to do anything else, ha.

If I'm lucky I will get a weekend off from mowing next time. Of course I'll have to edge, in this heat again, so there's that. 

The garden is going into Summer mode, meaning there is not much to harvest.  No tomatoes. No eggplants.  I'll probably pull the plants soon.  The peppers are doing great of course.  They love the heat.  Well, actually, it's the banana peppers that are doing so well.  The jalapeno (this was a "mammoth" variety) has not done well at all. We think next year and all future years, we're sticking with TAM jalapeño which is what we've used in seasons past.  The cucumbers though, after seeming to fade, are now covered in blooms.  We'll either have a bunch in a couple of weeks or they'll bloom and never do anything.  We'll see!

Came back and we had a wonderful meal of roasted chicken, and pasta with 2nd Man's homemade Alfredo sauce, one of my most favorite things (of course pasta with ANYthing is my most favorite).  

We'll leave you with this...


  1. We sure could use a little rain here; before I fall into one of cracks in the yard and not be able to make it out again :}
    Your yard Always looks nice after a fresh cutting.
    See that ceiling fan picture describes the heat really well.
    Our mailbox; well almost could use it as a toaster oven. :}

    1. I hope you get some rain. Thanks about the yard, I always cut it a bit shorter but it's because I need to in order to not have it overwhelming each week and in case I miss a week for whatever reason.

      A toaster oven I can understand that analogy, ha.

  2. supposed to be 100F here today. my spouse's cuke plant has taken off like a weed; plenty of yellow flowers but no cukes yet. the tomato & cherry tomato plants are starting to flower also.

    1. Ugh, it's hot everywhere it seems. I think we might get a lot more cukes, fingers crossed. Hope you get some great harvest too!!

  3. That is a sad looking fan! I am drooping, too. How many acres do you mow?

    1. Ha, isn't it? Everyone is definitely hot. I have an app on my phone that tracks my mows and it shows that my total mowing is right at 4 acres.

  4. Your mowed yard looks beautiful but I know it’s awful to do in this heat. Maybe it won’t need it for awhile now.
    Hoping your cucumbers have a second round of production. Mine are finished for the season.
    TAM is the variety of jalapeno that I plant every year. They are in high production mode now along with the okra.
    That’s a delicious looking supper! Would 2nd Man ever consider sharing with us his recipe for his homemade Alfredo sauce?
    Those droopy fans - yep, that’s how I feel in this weather. I’m looking forward to the predicted rain in a few days. It will cool things down a bit and wash out the Saharan dust cloud that arrived.

    1. It's usually slower growing in this heat but if we get our heavy rains, it springs back quickly ha. TAM is what we had the last couple of years and they were prolific. I missed the okra this year. Yes, I'll have to write it all down for you all. It's good. Fattening of course but definitely good, ha.


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