Friday, July 6, 2018


As a heads up, if anyone is interested, we were at Walmart the other day and they had these on sale.  Of course I couldn't resist.

This little piggy...

This creamery cow...we're not sure why they didn't include the butcher cuts on this one like the pig and chicken, but I guess we get other things from cows. 

Milk, ice cream and butter, we're ok with that!
("cheese" should be there too, ha). 

And of course chicken... 

They are not glass, they are a plexiglass kind of plastic but they look really cool.  Best of all, they were only $3.88 each.

Not bad for some fun kitchen decor!

And here they are put up in the kitchen.  We had this blank spot on the wall next to the stove. The funny thing is, with the hanging being clear with white graphics, when we put them on another wall, a white wall, and looked at them, um, you couldn't read/see anything, ha.  This dark wood wall was perfect. 

Sometimes, you find something neat when you least expect it.


  1. Those are really Cool looking and look Fantastic up against the dark wall; perfect spot for them.
    Something how the di9fference between one WalMart store to another on what you can find at one WalMart but not another but then I think it all depends on the areas the stores are located.
    Have noticed same at other stores; one Home Depot may carry certain items where another Home Depot does not. All in the areas.

  2. Those are perfect for the Farm. The dark wood wall really shows them off well.

  3. Those are cute! I don't think the thigh on the chicken is located where You don't cut up a milk cow. You cut up the boy cows for meat. I had meant to post on my blog that the decorative elements in WM have been stepped up a few notches. WM carries metal animals that look much more expensive than they are. If they were in a farm TSC or a gardening store, the pieces would be much more pricey. If they had had a chicken, I would have been tempted. The metal animals were back near the gardening center.

  4. Very nice . . . I enjoy adding farmhouse touches around our home, too. I really like the pig :)

  5. these are just perfect! great find!

  6. Linda, Walmart online does have a hen and chicks. Check it out:


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