Sunday, October 20, 2019


It was a late night last night as probably most of Houston stayed up to watch the Astros clinch the ALCS championship and head to the World Series...

It was a great series against the Yankees and up until Jose Altuve hit the game winning run, we thought it would go to extra innings and/or another game.  But he was amazing (as he always is) and we won it!

It's been hot here again, the cool weather is gone, but yesterday was still a good day at the farm.  More of that in an update tomorrow.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

This week...the World Series begins here in Houston!   It's only a few blocks from where we live in town.  Always exciting.  Tickets are hundreds, in some cases thousands, of dollars so....we'll be watching on TV.

Go Astros!


  1. Go 'Stros! What a win! Yay!
    Another front is due tomorrow morning, bringing some cooler air and hopefully some rain. Another Yay!

  2. I'mma rooting for the 'stros over washington!

    the yankees suck, and besides they have won the WS multiple times. they beat us for the WS in 2009.

  3. The first baseball game I ever attended was the Houston Astros in the Astrodome. I was new to the country and eager to experience the famed game of baseball. I was a teensy bit disappointed to discover it was very similar to a children's game we played in England called "rounders". Nonetheless I always enjoy watching the game and will be rooting for the Astros.

  4. That was one heck of a good game; sitting on edge of seat type of game.
    So glad the Astros won.
    Now the showdown between the Astros and the Washington DC Nationals.

  5. And no Yankees in the World Series. My Twins fell apart as they so often do against the Yankees so happy to cheer Houston on the rest of the way.


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