Tuesday, October 15, 2019


It was a good weekend, but not as much got done as I had hoped.  We stayed up late Saturday night entertaining (had a blast) but that meant we got a late start Sunday, it was already warming up outside (told you we'd "miss it", ha) and the day was lost.

So, here is a pineapple update:

Here they are back when we rooted the pineapple tops and I put them in soil in some pots.  They were showing signs of new growth.

And here they are now.  They are getting large.  I need to get them upgraded into larger pots.  We're really amazed at the growth.  I'm not sure what the growing time is, I think it's a couple of years before a stalk in the middle shoots out a pineapple.  These are not even a year old yet so we have time.  I just need to protect them from any freezes.  

Crazy to think that we're already starting to think ahead to Winter and possible freezing weather.  I guess I better start getting things ready for that possibility.  Now that the citrus is behind the house, we can keep it protected so we're going to need to figure that out soon as well.

Contest results were delayed we were tired Sunday and yesterday it was a long day at work.  Now that we're literally back into the 80's and possibly low 90's (!?!?!), feeling kind of defeated again, ha.

We will draw a name tonight and post the results tomorrow.  Then we'll have another book giveaway soon!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Your pineapples are doing great! You’ll be eating your own pineapples next year.
    Yes, we are in the see-saw time of the year. Cool for a few days, then summer comes roaring back for a few days. Tonight a mild front is coming through and hopefully will bring some needed rain.

  2. I have four pineapple plants that are in large pots. I leave them outside all year long. They will have some freeze damage but they will grow out of it when spring comes along. I just cover them like I would all my other large potted plants outside. Special note. You might not get a pineapple from it if the top was drilled out. So you will have to rely on what is called a "slip" to grow out from the side of the plant. It's a small shoot that will grow after 2 to 3 years. If you are lucky you will get a small pineapple after one year with that shoot(slip).

  3. Pineapple plants like fertilizer, not sure when, probably slow release would do ok.

  4. WOW! They are doing great. You got a green thumb for sure
    Making me want to go and buy a couple of pineapples just so that I can try and grow the tops.
    Have an enjoyable evening.


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