Monday, February 15, 2021


So...saturday was the day we had to go to the farm and get things ready.  Two weeks ago I had grand dreams of  cleaning the mower and leaving it out to be picked up...working in the garden and adding new soil to the raised beds...pulling weeds from the fruit tree beds...

Well Mother Nature had other plans in store for us!

Single digit temps, snow, sleet, ice, wind chills below zero...this is all unprecedented for our area.  Oh we've hard freezes, low 20's.  But this is a whole other level.

So "R" from 2nd Family came up and helped us prep the house.  We shut off the water at the well and at the house.  Then I opened all the taps in the house and let the water drain out.  He brought an air compressor and we blew air in through the outside faucet and that pushed water out of the taps.  There was a surprising amount of water still in the pipes even though the faucets were open but nothing coming out.  Now we see why just shutting off the water and opening the taps doesn't get all of the water out.  We used it for about 10 minutes on and off, closing and opening various faucets so that as much water as possible was forced out.

Finally there was no more water coming out and we considered it drained.  We left the taps open since the water won't be on for a while.  Lastly I poured some RV antifreeze into the drains so that the p-traps would have some protection in case we didn't get it all out.  RV antifreeze is made to be safe and non toxic in septic systems.  In fact, the label even adds "for vacation homes" which at this point fits the farmhouse.

The last thing I had to do was save the sensitive plants.  Obviously the tropicals are the most sensitive.  But this is such a harsh cold that almost never happens here, we felt it was best to take even the berry plants.  So I backed up to the house, put down the rear seats and started loading things up.  

Here is the back of the Jeep, loaded up with two banana plants, six blueberry bushes, two bay laurel trees, two pineapple plants, and three other plants.  I did forget the extra fig tree we have on the porch so who knows if that will make it.  Will just buy another if needed.

The citrus trees are covered but even fully grown they are only safe down to mid 20's.  Covering them and putting lights with some heat being generated still wouldn't save them from single digit temperatures.

Pretty sure new citrus will be coming this Spring...  

All we can do now is wait for it all to be over.


  1. Right now we are sitting at 7 deg. but then with the wind chill; -13 deg.
    Hubby called into Home Depot letting them know that he wasn't coming in. (unable to get out even we wanted to.) No answer at the store so they just may had shut everything down.

    1. We both wearing our heavy coats/parkas in the house just to stay warm; come June, I might start getting warmed up again.

  2. thinking of youse guys and hobart. stay inside. I read 2M+ are without power.

  3. Sounds like you did everything needed! We are plowing thru rolling outages although this last one is 1 1/2 hrs and counting, fortunately we have a home generator and filled propane last week. But somewhere our water is frozen. Icovered some of my patio plants but said goodby to the citrus.

  4. You did a great prep at the Farm. Good thing you have plenty of cargo space in your Jeep with all those plants.
    My power went off at midnight and it’s still off. 16 hours so far and it’s not looking promising.
    At 4:30 a.m., I gave up trying to sleep in the cold and made a fire in the fireplace. I made some toast in the fireplace and boiled some water in cast iron for tea. Later baked potatoes in the coals at the edge. It’s back to the 1800’s!
    I had to let the fire go out this afternoon because I need to save the wood for tonight. They are saying no power til tomorrow.
    It got so cold in the house that I am now sitting in my car in the driveway with the heater on getting thawed out and charging my phone.
    I will NEVER complain about the Texas heat ever again!

  5. My friend in Dallas reports snow and a power loss of several hours. Stay warm, dear ones.



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