Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Was going to post this yesterday but set the wrong time.  Oops.  So Saturday at the farm was GORGEOUS!

I knew I'd have to mow and I planned ahead for it by ordering the perfect weather, ha.  It was just the perfect temp, not a cloud in the sky and a cool breeze...

I must have had a tailwind because it was a quicker than normal mowing, ha.  I didn't edge but I'll work on that this weekend.  The good thing is there shouldn't be a need to mow this coming weekend because I keep it short this time of year to plan for the heavy Spring rains we sometimes get.  Instead I hope to be working in the garden.  The weeds are creeping in so they need to be pulled and I also need to set up the automated watering timer now that we have our water repaired and turned back on.

Eggplants are growing nicely.  A little slow but I think that later this Spring, they'll get big quickly...

Tomatoes getting bigger every weekend and small tomatoes now starting to appear on both plants...

Pickling cukes are growing nicely and starting to climb the trellis.  Grow babies grow!

And last Friday we posted HERE about the mystery fruit.  I took this picture to show you all it's definitely got peach-y kind of leaves.  You can even see a couple of the fruits in this picture.  We may pull one this weekend (yes even before maturity) just so we can check out the seed/pit, the smell, etc in case we lose them to birds or something like that.  We'll see how it goes.

It was a good weekend last weekend and looking forward to this weekend...if the weather cooperates.


  1. Don't know what your weather forecast may be but we have been having light showers all week and as the weather report says; severe thunderstorms for tonight and maybe in tomorrow yet.
    Your garden is coming along really nicely. With a little rain and some nice weather everything will really start to take off and you will be having tomatoes and pickles before you know it.

    I'm curious about what your 'Whatchamacallit' fruit might be. Maybe it got crossed with something else. It's a mystery for sure.

    Take care, stay safe and have a great evening and a enjoyable weekend.

    1. I hope we have enough for canning and eating and having good stuff with it all. My money is on nectarine but we'll see. I hope after this rain the fruit really plumps up. I still may sacrifice one for the good of all and see what it looks like inside. The pit/seed will answer a lot of questions. Stay tuned!

  2. i think it's a nectarine. your garden looks good already. i am just about to plant veggies. we are expecting storms tonight and i sure hope we get them. we are dryer than dry for this time of year.

    1. Same here. We'll see, we'll be sure to post. Stay safe!!

  3. Your garden plants are growing beautifully! It won’t be long before you’re getting produce from it.
    Looks like we might get some rain this weekend. It might interfere with your plans at the Farm but it’s gotten so dry and we need the rain. And the rain will give your garden a nice dose of “fertilizer from heaven”, as my Grandma used to say.

    1. Yes the rain is/was much needed. I like how your Grandma thought!


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