Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This is something I like to do and I thought I'd pass along the suggestion.  I keep vases around the house in the same spots.  I have one by the kitchen sink, one on a desk in the front room, one on an end table, and some others scattered around the house.  What I do is leave them in their spot, and they sit there empty, as a reminder that they need to be filled.  It's so easy to grab some flowers on a grocery shopping trip and bring them home and put them around in the "waiting vases".   Here are some examples:

Desk Vase

One week it was a few roses in the this round bowl/vase on the desk.....
Desk Vase

...the next time it was some bright orange and yellow Alstroemeria flowers.

Here I put in some greenery for something different, along with dark pink Alstroemeria and yellow Daisies....

....then another time it was lighter pink Alstroemeria with a whole lot of greenery.

It's always nice to have fresh flowers next to the sink, so I just put some yellow, white and pink daisies/mums in this time....

Sink Vase with Flowers

...and this time I used different flowers for something slightly more formal, using some of the same Alstroemeria from one of the other vases along with a couple of white Carnations.

What I find easiest to do is buy one of those "assortment" bouquets at the store.  They are almost always available with a variety of flower types and colors in one bouquet.  Then you have a variety to scatter around the house. You bring them home, sort them out and create your own "mini arrangements".

The vases I use are all vintage cut glass or pressed glass.  Just like in the back yard where I use all clay pots of one color, in the house I use just clear glass vases and let the flowers be the color and style.  It's just so easy, the vase just always stays in the same place and acts as a subtle reminder to get flowers.  Even the empty vase looks like a decorative element where it is sitting.

So put some flowers around your house and enjoy the color and life they bring to a room.  Trust me, when you leave the vases in the same spot, and you see them empty, you'll want to run to the store and pick up some flowers and keep them full.

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