Tuesday, May 24, 2011


OK, so it's not enough for a pie, LOL, but it's pretty fun to actually gather some real live fresh blueberries that we grew ourselves in our city backyard.

In our small urban concrete garden, as I've posted before I've had to be creative.  Late last summer, I found some blueberry bushes on clearance at Home Depot, a deal much like my Knockout Roses from the earlier post.  There were four different varieties for $2 each.  I bought all four and put them in clay pots.  Two froze during our unusually cold winter, but the other two made it.  They eventually bloomed and we now have real blueberries!

Of course, it's a fight to get them before the birds discover them, but for now, it's more a test to see what will grow in our climate.  We have plans for a berry garden at the farm, and then I'll have to install some bird netting to make sure that we DO have enough for some blueberry pies.

For now though, at least I know we CAN grow them here.
If I can do this in a small clay pot in the city, what can I do in real live dirt in a country garden?

Until then, we will enjoy the few we get in some of our favorite
fresh, steel cut oats for breakfast.

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