Sunday, May 1, 2011


No, not the down the driveway neighbors, they wish to remain quiet in the shadows, ha.  These are the "neighbors" that  live to each side of us.
Literally they are on 3 sides of our property! 

This is the neighbor to the left of us. He's a young Brahman bull.  As bulls go, he's actually pretty friendly but that may be because he's still young:  

Brahma Bull
These lovely ladies live to the right of us.
They appear to be Charolais (the white ones) and "polled" (no horns) Black Angus:

Charolais and Angus
And this mixture of bovine neighbors on the property behind us includes a selection of
Angus, Hereford, and Shorthorn:

Cows everywhere
I'm hoping they'll be quiet and keep the noise down, no late night cow patties, er, I mean, parties....


  1. I have been out of town for a few days so just now catching up. Things are looking good. I can tell you are a city boy if you are excited about cows. We have them everywhere. Sometimes they outnumber the people!

    You should have a "farm warming" gift arriving at your city home soon. :)

  2. Living about 10 feet from people neighbors on both sides of the house (who are wonderful by the way), it's nice to just have wide open space and livestock, ha.

    You did NOT have to send a gift, but it will be much appreciated. I'll be in touch when it arrives!

    Big hugs!


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