Friday, May 13, 2011


Have y'all been to Hobby Lobby lately?  I was in there at lunch and stumbled across a whole aisle of really cool cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.  Our kitchen at the farm may be small, but when we repaint the cabinets and drawers, we'll need to replace the hardware.  Since we're going for all white cabinets, with a black and white checkboard floor, I was thinking black would be nice. 

We definitely want the vintage look and they have some really nice, old style, hammered metal knobs. 

We know exactly how many we need, there are 4 drawers so we'll need the pulls for those, and then there are 6 cabinet doors that we'll need knobs for. 

Now I just have to wait for one of Hobby Lobby's famous
"50% off all knobs and pulls" sale!


  1. Hobby Lobby is dangerous!!! I can find tons of things there. Just a hint, you can go onto their website and view the weekly ad, and you can download the weekly coupon, or pull it up on your phone and they accept that at the register :)

  2. I know! Every aisle I went down I found something that would be cool. Of course most will be best when the house is done and I'm ready to start decorating and accessorizing. I didn't know about the phone coupon, that's a great idea.


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