Sunday, May 29, 2011


We had grand plans today to go out to the farm for the first time a couple of weeks, and take some measurements of the rooms, and make a list of things to do.  We got in the car, drove about 30 miles (it's 45 miles from our house to the farm), decided to stop off at a furniture store and roam around for a bit, got back in the car, and it barely started!

Now mind you, this isn't an old vehicle, it's a 2008 model!  We checked the navigation and found an NTB nearby (well, 10 miles back the other direction) and so we drove there.  Sure enough, battery had 2 dead cells in it.  

Nothing was left on, the guy said it just happens with cars that are often left parked outside in our hot weather.  This is 2nd Man's vehicle and at his office, he parks outside in an open parking lot.  At home, it's in the garage of course, but that's pretty much just at night and on the weekends.  The rest of the time, it's outside in the heat all day long.  You'd think batteries would work better than that, but who knows.

Long story short, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the shop, and then just came back home.  No farm visit for us this weekend.  We might try again tomorrow!

Hope to have some more pics of the farm soon, I know you all want to see and hear more stuff!
Hang in there!


Kelly said...

We have the oppositte here. Temperatures below zero and wind chills that make it worse than that.... Some people have heaters that they can plug their car into to keep things warm.

Sorry you didn't make it to the farm. I've been working for you. Replacing the plastic tile back splash with glass tile. Check out my Facebook page for pictures. Hope to have things done today or tomorrow.

1st Man said...

I guess the trade off for our hot summer is our not crazy winter and vice versa for you!

I'll check our what you have done! Sounds like you are quite the handywoman, ha.