Monday, March 12, 2012


I love when you find something that just seems like it was meant to be.  Case in point, this weekend's thrift store find.

This was in the corner of the store, all covered in dust, and when I saw it, I thought it might be pretty close to the color of the new couches.  Turns out it is virtually an EXACT match to the color.  Best of all?  $5.00!  Not sure if this is vintage or was repainted somewhere along the way or was purchased like that new and just 'abandoned' at the thrift store, but it's really nice just the way it is.  It even has these little painted violets stenciled onto it and I was already thinking of using some African Violets as flowers in the room.  It will be the perfect solution for the end of the couch where not much else would fit anyway.

I have been warned by 2nd Man though...
It is NOT for seed catalogs.
(I swear those things multiply on their own, it's not my fault!).


  1. It is perfect for seed catalogs! I say whoever found it at the thrift shop gets to decide what goes in it.

    1. I like how you think! You know...a dedicated place FOR seed catalogs is not a bad idea. It beats having them scattered all over the place like they are now...hmmm.... :-)

  2. I love the new magazine holder, and I would have bought it in a heartbeat if I had beat you to the store. I'm a sucker for these kinds of things (and for small tables, too). What I tend to do, though, is to put magazines in their new storage space -- and then the same magazines are there a year later. Putting the seed catalogs there instead might lead you to constantly renew, and that would be a good thing!

    1. Ha, too funny! I really like that idea. You're right about magazine racks, sometimes they do have the same mags there months later. Seed catalogs would make me change them out more often. Thanks for the suggestion!!


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