Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday at work, one of my coworkers who is, sadly, leaving and moving out of state, was looking at pictures of the farm.  She saw the picture I posted of the eggs that 2nd Family had given us recently, and said, "wait, hold on!"  She went out to her car, where she had some stuff she was taking to be packed up, and brought back this basket.  She said we should use it to gather eggs when we go down to visit 2nd Family.  I thought that was a very sweet and thoughtful thing to do.  I'm going to have to fill it up with eggs and take a picture to show her.  Just wanted to share her kind gesture with all of you...and publicly say "thank you"!


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    1. Yeah, she's kind of cool like that. I know this isn't technically an egg gathering basket, but really, it's the thought right? And any basket with a handle will serve the purpose.

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    1. It was very thoughtful of her. I'm going to miss her. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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    1. Thank you. I thought so too. I like when people think outside the box like that. :-)


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