Saturday, March 3, 2012


Well, we didn't make it out to the farm today, but we made it a productive day anyway.  We got furniture!
Nadeau Desk

First off, we saw this beautiful desk at our favorite furniture store and fell in love with it.  It looks like an antique, and will just fit beautifully in the house.  We love that it's made of sustainable wood and is handmade and best of all, unique.  Alas, we tried to fit it in the Jeep, and it just wouldn't quite make it.  As 2nd Man told me, my "spatial geometry was a bit off today", LOL.

As fate would have it, that error in measuring led to a very productive day.

While we were there, we roamed around and we also found the chairs that match our dining room table!  I don't have a picture of them, so just imagine 8 chairs lined up in a row, but they are just SO pretty and will fit perfectly around the table.  Best of all they were ridiculously inexpensive, and yet handmade out of solid, sustainable wood.

After that, we randomly ventured off to a mattress discount store and found two mattresses!  Whoo hoo!  At last!  We got a great deal on them, literally they were less than the price of one set.  Now, the bedrooms will have BEDS!  Let the decorating begin!

*note furniture not to scale (LOL)

Our third and final visit (much to the relief of 2nd Man) was a stop at yet another discount store where we walked in and had the "moment".  You know the've been looking for an item forever, never finding the exact one you were hoping for.  Then when you least expect it, you randomly walk in to a store and it's there...what you've been looking for...all that's missing is the shining light and a choir!  Well, that happened to us when we found the EXACT sofa and love seat that we had wanted.  It's the right style and shape and the colors are perfect.  Sort of a cream color, with stripes in beige and pale green, similar to ticking.  It will look so good in the living room.  We're so excited.

We are hoping to be able to schedule them all to be delivered on the same day this week.  This will REALLY make the house so much more complete.  Don't get me wrong, there is still lots to do, but this is a big step forward.  We will now have chairs to sit in and eat dinner, a desk to organize, beds to put sheets, quilts and bedspreads on, and couches to sit on and relax.

Then we'll just need rugs...and lamps...and pictures...and knickknacks...and a few more pieces of furniture...and...the journey moves forward!


  1. YAYYYYY! So happy for you! I CAN"T wait to see everything!I love that I can share the journey--even if it is virtual.

  2. Woohoo!! The stars and planets were all aligned just right today!! What a productive shopping spree. Can't wait to see everything in place.

  3. Oh.My.Goodness! I couldn't be more excited if they were my very own new furnishings! Love, love, love that desk, and everything else sounds delightful!

  4. Well done on your finds, I'll be 'home' to TX next week and can't wait. If it's not too far - try Second Chance in Cleveland sometime (N on 59) then carry on to Livingston to the Consignors Mall (on 59S at Livingston) You would love them both xx

  5. Gorgeous desk. I am so excited for you and following the journey every step of the way. Good luck and keep those pictures coming. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.

  6. Hey...I thought I was the only one who heard Angels singing in a bright light when the "eureka" moment hits. @;)


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