Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is how we started, well actually, it was still wrapped in packaging.  The table is solid mango wood (sustainable, we love that part) but IT is VERY heavy.  It was all the two of us could do to get it flipped over.  But we did...

...and here it is in the room.  It really fits nicely.  The table seats eight, three on each side and one on each end.  Now we just need some chairs.  We aren't sure, now that it's in the space, what we want. Multi shaped chairs?  Different chairs of the same color?  Same chairs in different colors?  

It is almost the same color as the floor, it looks very nice.  Of course we can't decide if we want a large rug under it or not.  We go back and forth on that.  Whatever happens, we can't wait to eat our first dinner on it...after we get some chairs of course!



  1. That is a pretty table! I vote a rug, because right now the table kind of just blends into the floor.
    Just my HO, though. Just had a thought...instead of chairs on the long side of the table, maybe benches?

  2. sb158: Thanks!! You know that was something I was thinking and should have mentioned in the post. Benches would be pretty cool. Maybe benches on each side and then a chair at each end? Or perhaps a bench on one side and chairs on the other? We'll figure it out. And thanks for the tip on the rug, that's a great point. Keep checking back, we'll document each step!! :-)

  3. I think rag rug would set the floor and table off nicely while giving a homespun comfy vibe. I envision 2 upholstered chairs in whimsical prints like this ( at either end of the table, a bench on the window side of the table as to not block the view, and simple lined chairs like these here ( on the other side


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