Sunday, October 9, 2011


Houston area radar
We finally got some much needed rainfall in our area.  It's a dent in what we need, but we'll take it.  At the house in the city, so far today, we have received almost over 2 inches.  I'm not sure what it's done out at Seda Bolsa, but we're hoping for 2 or 3 inches as well.  The radar over that area seems to show a lot of rain and the forecast shows rain for the rest of the night...and possibly Monday.  We say "bring it on!"


Kelly said...

YAY!! We were watching the Rangers game last night (go figure - hubby is still a Texan) and we saw the rain delay. I was wondering if you got any in your neck of the woods.

1st Man said...

@Kelly: Yes, we are SO grateful for the rain. I just read a startling statistic. The last time Hobby Airport got over 2 inches of rain in one day was JANUARY 24th! Yikes! We'll take whatever we can get.