Thursday, October 20, 2011


Garden Path

I've always liked a path like this that is sort of casual, not so formal, but still looks like it leads to somewhere exciting.  When we start doing our paths around the property, I think something like this that I found online, with stones outlining the path, is what we might end up with.  It's rustic in a way.

Have a great day and I'll be back bright and early in the morning!


Bee Girl said...

We used large rocks to create the borders to all of our beds in the front yard. They look great! They create a casual separation between the path and the beds and, best of all, they were free!!!

1st Man said...

@ Bee Girl: Love that you can get them free from your yard or maybe area you live in? We aren't very "rocky" out there so not sure I'd be able to find enough, ha.

Bee Girl said...

Are there any rivers near by? Not sure what the laws are there, but if you are allowed to take from open spaces, do it :-)

1st Man said...

@ Bee Girl: Wow, great idea. There is a river relatively nearby (a few miles) and because of our drought, the river is probably low. And I'll check the local laws first, ha.