Friday, October 14, 2011


Well, here are the kitchen pictures.  It's probably changed the most and it's not finished yet (needs another coat of paint and the floors weren't done).

New cabinet doors below sink
Above are the new cabinet doors he made for us below the sink.  They are simple, nothing fancy, but that's the way the whole kitchen is.  The knobs aren't on yet, I'll put those on later, when we decide where we want them on the door.

New upper cabinets
Here are the new upper cabinets, you can see with these how they are shallow, and have a simple design that really fits the look of the kitchen.  We don't know how we're going to fill these, but we'll figure it out soon!

Kitchen almost ready
Here is the kitchen view (one side) almost ready!  You can get a better view of what it looks like with the new upper cabinets.  My original design plans were for open shelves, but not open cabinets.  He suggested mimicking the lower cabinets, and we came up with this simple design that, to us anyway, looks like it was always supposed to be there, built at the same time as the other cabinets.

We can't wait to start moving stuff into the kitchen, which of course is 2nd Man's favorite room.  We also have the two pieces of furniture that I blogged about, ready to go into the kitchen.  I'll still need to change out the light fixtures, and do some stuff like that, but we're almost there!


  1. Great changes. You're keeping the character of the house instead of going ultra modern!! Someday I'll see it in person. Just have to make my way back to Houston.

  2. Looks great! I bet the two of you are very excited!

    Is that a Corian or another brand of solid surface countertop? Great choice for a working kitchen!

  3. Nothing more exciting than make overs..your way :o)

  4. @Robin: It's stainless steel, all in one and original to the house. The sink and counters are all one long piece. I think somewhere on my blog I took some closeup pictures. We didn't want to get rid of it so we kept it. I'll have some better pictures soon (when it's clean, ha).

    @Gingerbreadshouse7: Yep, the thrill of victory and occasionally the agony of defeat, ha.


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