Wednesday, October 26, 2011


One of the things I did in the kitchen was replace the light fixtures and ceiling fan in the kitchen with our new halogen light fixtures.  This was the old light (nothing of collector value) so I told them not to worry about painting it when they did the ceiling.  You can see they took my advice, ha.

First thing I did was remove the old one and wire it all up correctly (wiring is not as scary as it seems, just make sure the breaker is off to be as safe as possible).  Black to black, white to white, hook up the ground, screw it to the mounting bracket and... it is mounted, with the glass shades attached and halogen bulbs in place, just waiting for the final test...flipping the switch.  So we did and...

...let there be light!  I did it right!  We liked this fixture because each halogen can be directed to where we want it. For example, we pointed one toward the new yellow cabinet, one toward the future pegboard wall, one toward the marble table and one toward the end of the counter.  It really lights up the room and there is another one just like it at the other end of the kitchen where the ceiling fan was.  just forgot to get a picture of that one.

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