Monday, October 3, 2011


Baby Bunny Rabbit
Now this is a cute little guy.  2nd Family's daughter tells me she sees little bunnies like this all over the place at Seda Bolsa, mostly in the brush under and around the trees.  

If I saw this adorable little fur ball, I'd be hard pressed not to snatch him up and give him a big hug.  But I'm guessing that wouldn't be the best idea, ha. 

Too cute!


HAZEL said...

I just found your blog via Mark's Veg Blog. It looks like you two are going to have fun. I will be back to check out your progress.

1st Man said...

Hazel, welcome to our blog! Thanks for visiting. Yeah, it's a work in progress. With our oppressive heat and drought this summer, we decided to concentrate on getting the house done first. It's almost there. And cooler weather is coming so I should be able to start on the raised beds. Then I can have everything ready for veggies next Spring! Fingers crossed. Thanks!