Friday, October 21, 2011


Hobby Lobby Letter Signs
 The other day, I saw these awesome retro styled letters at Hobby Lobby while I was store hopping for all the closet doorknobs.  I think these look very cool.  I am just waiting for a "sale" where they should be 50% off, and then I'll get a set that spells out the name of the farm.

I want to make sure we have them before they go away.  Seems we often see things we like, say "oh that would be neat at the farm" and then we either forget, or go back and it's gone. 

But where will we put them?  I'm not sure yet of course.  In the mudroom, up high with one word on each wall?  The wooden wall in the front entry? Outside on a wall of the porch?  Time will tell.  Planning is half the fun!

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