Sunday, October 16, 2011


Dining Room Ceiling
Here is the ceiling in the dining room.
It's finally finished, textured, painted and done, floors were also done.  Pictures of that coming soon.  Nothing left to do in here.


  1. Oh boy, it looks like things are finally coming together! It won't be long now! Then you can get to the fun things, like decorating!!

  2. @Robin: I know!!! That's the part I want to do most. I figure y'all might be getting bored seeing half finished house pictures, ha. It's time to start putting up curtains and finding cool pieces of furniture, etc. Then we can get to fun stuff like cooking and gardening and canning and all those "homestead" kinds of things.

  3. Looking good! The room looks nice a bright.

  4. @Thomas: Oh my gosh you are right, it is SO bright and airy. It's almost "all windows" ha, on 2 sides anyway. We love that about the room. I just want to get in there and start doing stuff! I think this room will be the first.

  5. Yay!!! Congratulations! What a beautiful, sunny room! I can just imagine how fantastic it will feel for you two to enjoy your first meal in that room! Oohhh...will you be able to see the moon from in there???

  6. @Bee Girl: Hi! Always nice to hear from you. The moon? Hmm, you know i never thought about that. We haven't spent the night out there yet. Those windows face West on one side and North on the other. I'll have to check that out soon! And yes, our first dinner in there, should be great! Of course, we'll need chairs to go around our cool table, ha, but it should be nice. I'll have pictures when it does happen! And I think i'll just have to snap some pics the first time it's dark and we have a large, full moon.


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