Monday, October 24, 2011


Here is some of the furniture we got at NADEAU, put in their new home.  This marble top table will be right next to the stove...I foresee lots of dough rolling out here.

Here is the yellow hutch we bought, in it's new home in the kitchen.  It fits the wall perfectly.  The color is great and I can position one of the halogen lights to shine right on it!

Here is a view of the kitchen from one end toward one side, you can also see the new lights (well at least one of them) in the picture.
Ready for decorating! 


  1. You can send that table right on over to my house ;)

  2. forget about sending it ..I'd drive up to get it ..:o) I'd throw out some to be able to roll my dough on it too. I'm jealous.

  3. I am so jealous of the yellow cabinet!

  4. 2 beautiful pieces! I'm in the same boat as the others, LOL

  5. Thanks EVERYONE who commented, Kelly, Gingerbreadshouse, Dawn and Leigh, the furniture is very pretty and we are happy. We weren't sure it would "fit" when we bought it, but we think it's coming together. It really fits in the space and should be great when it's filled with bowls and plates, and of course the marble top table when there is some pie dough being rolled out, ha.

  6. I'll come down and roll out cookie dough for you. I seriously need a trip back to Houston!! Maybe this winter I can get away.


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