Friday, October 28, 2011


Here is part of the bathroom, after we took out the carpet that was in there and replaced the toilet with a new one...

...and here it is after, with the walls painted and the new flooring in.  So much brighter and cleaner looking.  This picture is just from one angle, I'll have to get one from the other angle (toward the sink) when I get the new vanity built and we hook up the sink.  That should happen this weekend.


  1. Everything is looking neat and tidy.. :o)

  2. Looking good. I always wondered why people felt compelled to put carpet in a bathroom. I mean, really...

    Weather is low 50s today and raining. And this is why kids wear coats when Trick or Treating around here.

  3. @Gingerbreadshouse: Thanks for visiting! Yep, neat and tidy, for now anyway, ha. We'll see what the future brings, LOL.

    @Kelly: I never understood carpet in the bathroom either. It's like carpet in a kitchen, no one would ever think of doing that. Carpet and wet areas just don't seem to go hand in hand, ha. 50's and raining? We had 50's the other day, but alas, no rain.


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