Monday, October 3, 2011


Well, the countdown has begun...6 days until I am suited up in my protective gear and I'm playing with bees!  Well, OK, maybe not "playing with", but certainly getting my first ever hands on experience with them.  To say I'm not nervous would be a lie, but hey, we all have to make that first step.  The lady tells me they've taught dozens of these classes and no one has ever been stung.  I should knock on wood as I type this.  Or maybe SHE should, ha.

Nerves aside, I am very much looking forward to it.  It will be a new life experience, that's for sure.  And if I'm comfortable with it, I think in another year or so, we could very well have honey from our own hive on a regular basis out at Seda Bolsa Farm...I wouldn't mind a shelf like this in the mudroom full of the delicious nectar!

For those following my blog, be sure and check in Saturday afternoon/evening and get the full details...


  1. that's so exciting! I'd love to have bees and plan to one day!

  2. Well, I've always wanted to do it, never really thought about it in our small city postage stamp size yard, even though I know you can do it just about anywhere, but when we bought this property, I instantly thought "bees!". I'll be sure and post detailed info after my class, and I'll be honest and let everyone know if it was awesome or too scary or something in between!

    Thanks for you comment!

  3. A bee keeping class sounds fabulous - I wonder if they have any here in Melbourne. I imagine that they do as it seems to have suddenly got very fashionable to keep bees on the high rise roofs. I'll definitely check back to see how yours went.

  4. I'm sure they have some somewhere there. I'll definitely have a big update, scared or not, ha, I'll be honest! LOL! Thanks for visiting! And I love your blog by the way! Everyone visit Liz' blog, it's great!


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