Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Skeleton Keys
What's an old doorknob without old keys?  Today, I got online and went to eBay and in about 2 minutes, I found these.  They are old keys, commonly called "skeleton keys", from the 20's/30's.  They are the right color to compliment the metal of the doorknobs/pulls, they are the style I pictured in my head, and best of all, there were three for sale in one package.

I'll hang them around each knob using some ribbon.  We love repurposing old things and we think this will add a little bit of detail to the house.  Sure they won't actually lock the doors, but if nothing else, they'll be conversation starters.


Kelly said...

Well heck. I could have saved you the money. How many do you want!! Virtually every door in my house still takes a skeleton key. :)

1st Man said...

@ Kelly: Well dang!! Thanks for the offer that's very sweet. Well, you never know I might get a wild hair and need more later on for some random project. I'll remember next time, ha. They weren't expensive so that's good.

Kelly said...

Remember... I have an old country house.... Just like you :)