Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Just saw this while looking online for some farm stuff and doing a bit of preliminary Christmas shopping list preparation.  It's an over sized pizza board with server, though it can be used for breads and other dishes as well.  It's made of the same wood as our table, "Mango Wood" which is sustainable and doesn't use old growth wood.  I love that.  I'm thinking this might need a home at the farm.  Wouldn't it look really cool hanging on the wall in the kitchen??

Over sized mango wood pizza board


  1. OMG we HAVE this! We love it. It's very unique and looks like an antique. We use it for serving bread and cheeses as well. It makes a great presentation for pizza at dinner. Enjoy your blog, keep up the good work. Jon

  2. I think you should get it right away..things like that have a way of disappearing :o( and you could kick yourself for not getting it then.

  3. @Jon: Glad to hear of someone else who has one and gives it a good review. The pizza picture made me hungry, ha.

    @Gingerbreadhouse: You know, that is so true and it's what I use to justify buying stuff all the time. That's the nature of the internet I suppose. I save links for things I like and then I go back a few months later and it's an in incorrect link. Frustrating. I think I might just have to get one.

    @Becky3086: I'll let you know when I order it. It was linked on Amazon so it's probably through another seller using Amazon for advertising.


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