Sunday, October 30, 2011


Dig For Plenty Victory Garden Poster
First off, I like the graphics on this one, very nice.  I think the gist of this one was that you needed to grow your own food, and if you didn't, then you'd have to eat the allotment of rations that you would be provided.  Of course, eating your own would be better (and you could eat more).

I can't relate this to today, at least I hope we don't ever get to the point of having rations and allotments, ha.  But I guess we could say today that you could either "grow your own food or pay high prices at the store".

We'll be at the farm again all day today.  Yesterday was a great day, we just ran out of time (got out there later than we had hoped) so today we'll have still more to do.  I'll have the updates soon, I promise.



  1. hey guys love your blog an pics of your farm makes me jealous bill in fl

  2. @ Bill in FL: Awww, thanks for the kind words. Glad you like it, it's truly a labor of love, the blog AND the farm. I love sharing our journey and I hope that everyone else does. I hope you'll keep coming back.

  3. I love your blog and can't wait to read your posts each day! I've totally fallen in love with your farm - what an inspiration you guys are!

    I do think you may have it wrong about the meaning of the poster though. In England, where Victory Gardens were also very common, a "garden" is usually your back yard. If your "garden" is small or non-exisitant, you can rent a plot, or "allotment", in a community garden. Community gardens and allotments are still quite common in Great Britain - there are a large number of really good blogs written by people who have allotments on the interweb.

    Community gardens are a growing phenomenon here in the US, but I think we are light years behind the British in recognising the importance & benefits of growing at least some of your own food. Bloggers like you guys - so cheerful, interesting, and willing to share info with others - certainly help motivate the rest of us! You are much appreciated!

  4. Barbara - First of all, WELCOME to the blog! I love to read that people are enjoying what we're doing. Thank you for visiting and leaving SUCH kind words. It's appreciated more than you could know. I didn't know that about the allotments, that does make sense. Thanks for the info. I need to find some of those blogs.

    Thanks again for the comment. It inspires me to keep going and do more!

  5. Wow! How sweet you are! :)

    Here are a couple of links to allotment blogs you may like:
    Phil at
    Earthwoman at
    Matron at
    Soilman at

    That's only a few but I think they're all good blogs and I've learned a lot from them. And they have links to other blogs as well, so you can check out as many as you like.

    Hope you enjoy!


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