Saturday, October 15, 2011


Dining room ceiling before

Here is the ceiling in the dining room before we had it closed up.  We really liked this look, but, sadly, the paint that was originally on there just kept sloughing off (it wasn't lead, we had it checked).  For some reason, new paint just wouldn't stick.  In addition to that, there is no attic space above that ceiling so it was hotter than the rest of the house...

Dining room ceiling almost finished

...flash forward to now, we have had it filled with insulation, and sheet rock put over that.  He even matched the detail strips like the ones in the rest of the house.  We don't think it took away from the look at all.  It's definitely a "cleaner" design and more finished, and a plus was that it was a whole lot cooler in there when I was out there.  


  1. What a shame that you couldn't keep the ceiling the way it was. I like it that way too.

  2. @Robin: We love the open ceiling too. We really tried to keep it. In fact, the 'before' pic was actually after they sanded and painted it. But for some reason, the wood would not hold the paint, it would just start peeling off. He said it could have been the original stain that was used years ago on the wood. We could have left it but he said every few days we'd have paint chips falling onto the table. So alas, we covered it up. :-(


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