Saturday, October 15, 2011



I feel like Charlie Brown
I guess it's fine, we want it to be like we want it, but dang if it's not the most frustrating thing to just wait and wait and wait.  

We did ask him to make the doors that were there work.  Let me back up.  The three closet doors and two bathroom doors had so many years of paint on them that they just wouldn't close, or would get stuck.  We were going to go for new doors but they were going to have to be ordered, a few weeks wait, then new hinges, mounting them, etc.  So he told us he could make the old ones work with some heavy scraping and sanding, so we said go for it.  Of course, they went for it and today there is peeled off paint and pieces of wood and sawdust all over the place, including the newly cleaned floors.  

Also, they hadn't finished the trim work we asked them to do, so we had to show them what we wanted done.  He was very accommodating and told us the guys there working were ours to tell them what to do.  So I showed them some stuff and they said it will get done.  If I had to give a percentage, I would said it's about 95% done
(not counting the new front doors but that's a different issue).
I took some more pictures, nothing too exciting, but I'll post them tomorrow.

I think we're safe in saying that NEXT weekend, it WILL be finished.  
Famous last words, right?  As always, thanks for coming along for the ride.

We're almost there!

P.S.  Did find some cool static doorknobs at Hobby Lobby for the closet doors, I'll share the details on those soon as well.

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