Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Glass Salt Cellar with Lid
Snagged two of these tonight on the way home, at of all places, Walmart!

I was in there looking for an inexpensive bath rug, to put in the bathroom until we start decorating that area, and I saw this and just couldn't resist.  They were very affordable and made by Fire King.

I love the retro/vintage look of them.  That's something we often do, mix old and new.  When you put something new, that's styled to look old, in an old setting like this farmhouse, it can really make people just assume it IS old. That's a great decorating tip.  Same holds true with expensive items mixed with inexpensive. They just sort of blend together and no one is the wiser
(unless they read our blog, LOL!)

Anyway, 2nd Man loves to use salt from containers like these during cooking and we usually have one for pepper as well.  I figured we could just turn one of them around so that the word "salt" is in the back and then we can fill it with pepper.  My thought was that these would be perfect to put on the marble top table next to the stove.

UPDATE:  And here they are in their new home (not filled yet of course).

Salt Cellars in their new home
I'd link to them on the website but I don't see them on the WalMart website.  It may be something in local stores only.  They do, of course, sell them elsewhere online, click here for Glass Salt Cellars of all types on Amazon. For the one like we got above, you can click here for it Anchor Hocking Fire King Glass Salt Dip.

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