Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Here is the finished living room.  Floors redone, walls created and painted.

This is a view from the front entry looking toward the kitchen.  New trim, door moulding, and of course the paint and floors done. 

I took this photo looking through the window on the porch and into the living room (that doorway is the master bedroom) right after the floors had been done.

Toward the new front corner, this was an open space with no corner, and we had it walled in to create a separation of the entry space and the living room space.


Leigh said...

Well done! Looks clean, fresh, and inviting.

1st Man said...

Thanks Leigh! Not sure if you have seen the "before" pics but it's a big change. We think it's so much brighter and more airy. I like "inviting" too!!