Monday, October 31, 2011


Hope you get all the candy and treats you can eat!

I LOVE this time of year, not just Halloween, but everything, the weather, the holidays, the way the trees look, the decorations, the is definitely a fun time of year to be with family and friends...

And speaking of friends, this one is for Kelly...I still remember!

Cackle like a witch...
Talk like a vampire...
Howl like a werewolf!

Be safe and have a great Halloween


  1. Happy Halloween!! I can't go through this time of year without thinking of you. And it's a great memory of a great friend. Are those buns still burning? :)

  2. Why yes, they are. Why do you ask? LOL! For those reading this, my sweet friend Kelly had me pranked on a local radio station several years ago. They called me to say they wanted to use my voice for some Halloween commercials and I had to "audition" on the radio...At the end of the reveal that it was a set up, I had to say that I just got my buns burned on such and such radio station. It is a fun memory! :-)

  3. This was after Mr. Man here pranked me and pretended to be someone from IRS about auditing my taxes and didn't leave a return number.

    Can't say we don't have fun when we're together ;)


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