Thursday, February 14, 2013


Flower garden, randomly sourced from the internet
Really?  The "blue color" AND a white picket fence?  LOL!  This blue color pops up all the time in photos I find that inspire me and of course I LOVE a white picket fence.  I think what I like in this photo most though, and what made me want to keep it for future reference, is how the flowers sort of follow a natural looking, winding course along the back of this yard.  I've been thinking of sectioning off a piece of the front yard and doing something like this.

Hey, it's Valentines Day, so we needed flowers!

Happy Day!
Be inspired!


  1. Happy V Day to you both! What a pretty picture, I would be inspired to do that too, if I weren't so lazy, hahaha.

    1. Ha, I understand. Happy Valentines day to you too!!!

  2. I also like the idea of a white picket fence. I don't know why but it adds an air of gentility to a place.

    We have only one word to describe our ideal flower garden: profusion!

    When I think of the plans we have I am very excited - and we haven't even bought the land yet!


    1. I love a white picket fence for the same reason. It's just so "appropriate" for some reason.

      I like that word "profusion"! Hey, we were excited and then got the land and became even more excited. I'll be honest, it's a bit overwhelming at times but we would't trade it for anything in the world. :-) I can't wait for you both to have yours!


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