Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Seeds of the Month for February 2013
It's that time again!  My Mike the Gardener Seeds of the Month arrived
(and early this month, that was a surprise).

For this month they are:

Thyme, (no variety)
Leek, "Large American Flag"
Squash, "Round Zucchini"
Watermelon, "Black Diamond"

I always ask for comments from anyone who has grown these varieties.  As I plan the plantings, for Spring, Summer and Fall, I will look back on the blog for tips and advice that any of you have left.  Thyme I know about, I've never been around growing leeks in any garden so I'm not sure about that one.  I've grown zucchini and helped my grandfather grow it, but this is a round variety.  Lastly, I've heard of black diamond watermelon but not sure about it either.

Thanks ahead of time!

Seeds rule!!!


Domaine Coquelicots said...

Indeed they do. I can't wait to order and receive mine!

Mary Ann said...

Black Diamonds are big, if I remember correctly. I have never grown leeks, but have become interested in them. I'm going to go google "Mike the Gardener"... and I noticed at the "Flower" show over the weekend that one of the larger nurseries here had a scads of seeds at 20% off... but they had no proprietary names on them... like, no "Burpee", "American", etc.... just "seeds".

Annie*s Granny said...

I found this by googling Black Diamond watermelon:

Tough rinds stand up to handling. Popular supermarket melon. Blocky oval shape, 14 - 16 inches X 12 inches. Large dark brown seed. Most will average 35 - 50 pounds. Some may weigh up to 75 pounds. Excellent late season variety.

We ordered from Gurney's. We only had a 10x10 garden so we grew 4 or 5 plants. There was enough watermelon for my family and neighbors! The Best Watermelon ever! They use a lot of water and we shaded the melons because of the high temperature, some melons "cooked" on the vine before they were ripe.

Frugal Living UK said...

I've just planted leeks, not yet germinated though. But last year i tried them rather disastrously - I mowed over them! They do have a look of grass for the longest time!

Annnightflyer said...

What on your herbs ok?Some herbs do better paired up with certain other herbs.Look on the internet there is plenty of sites for compatability on these(wink).

1st Man said...

It's like Christmas! And truly the gift that keeps on giving, ha.

1st Man said...

Thank you for that! I love leeks to eat, I'd wonder about packets that just said "seeds", LOL!

1st Man said...

WOW! Not sure I'll do those this year, garden space will initially be limited, ha. Thank you Granny!!!

1st Man said...

Yay, I can't wait to hear how they do. You'll have a headstart (if I grow them of course, ha).

1st Man said...

Good idea, thank you. I always google stuff to see later on, I just figure it's good to ask in case anyone has firsthand experience. I'm going to have so much to decide on what to grow, ha.

Marsha from Redemption Farms said...

I think you will like leeks best in winter. You just plant them in August and leave them. As long as there's enough rain, you don't even have to water. They are very cold tolerant. In France, they grow under the snow. They get some frost damage but they still taste excellent. As for those small round zucchini, I find them way more manageable for two people than the bigger zucchini. Plus, how else would you know summer has arrived, if you didn't have to leave bags of zucchini on the neighbors' porches at night!

I'm terribly jealous that you live in a area where you can grow watermelon. I hope you post lots of pictures of them and all of the dishes you make with them!

Loving your blog. I'm so happy to add another farm dreamer to my list of inspirational reading!