Sunday, February 10, 2013


Don't Waste Food, Ladies Home Journal from WWII
Here is an image from Ladies Home Journal, circa WWII.  The government said, once again, not to waste food.  This was of course for the war effort where the push was to save food and make sure it all was used.  This is fascinating as they pushed saving bread and using it as a bread pudding, crumb pie, a crunchy coating for fish and as a 'meat extender'. They also touted the benefits of "skinless" hot dogs because you don't have to peel them (not sure I ever did that) and that kids love them for that reason.

A window into another time, that's for sure!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Wean said...

and of course, it's not just food you are saving, it's money too. I make food stretch to infinity - and beyond !!

Blackberry brambles said...

We could learn a lot from our past if we would just listen. Now we can learn from others too, may I remind you of the (biscuits), lol you all have a great night.

1st Man said...

That's true, it's saving food and money, and in many cases, TIME too! Nothing wrong with that right?

1st Man said...

Truer words were never spoken.

And about those biscuits...yes, he promises the next time he makes them I can watch and write down. He just sort of does it on the fly, and needs to be doing it to keep track of amounts. Soon!!! :-)