Sunday, February 24, 2013


Nosey Cows
I was at the farm Saturday.  It was a productive day, I did some stuff inside, some stuff outside and met with a plumber.

No mice!  So that was a good thing to greet me.
Irish Spring soap method, so far so good.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but our water heater died a few months back.  We haven't been spending the night out there this Winter so it wasn't really a priority.  We also have that utility sink in the mudroom that needs to be connected.  Well, Spring is almost here and it's time to get that all fixed.  Friday night, our contractor that helped us with the work on the house a year ago called out of the blue and said that he could meet us out there on Saturday with his plumber.

2nd Man had to work, so I went out by myself.  I got the raised beds leveled, more or less anyway, and put down the cardboard.  I was going to take some pictures but they would just be more pics of the beds looking pretty much as I've posted already, so I figure I'd wait until they have soil in them and show the cardboard and the soil.  That would be a better "step 3" to show.

While I was there, I noticed that they were BAAAAACK!  The cow family came over to the fence to see what I was doing.  This time they laid down and took it easy (most of them anyway) and watched me work.


Dani said...

1st Man - You may find that the nosy cow neighbours aren't so welcome once your veggies start growing. It may be time to have a word with the human neighbours regarding the gap in the fence... ;)

Annie*s Granny said...

I so could not deal with those cows. I'd make pets of them, and then someone would turn them into hamburger and break my heart. Been there, done that, almost turned me into a vegetarian. Almost.

Alison said...

Well at least they are company. They don't chatter incessantly so you can't think; do they. Mooing aside and all. Yeah! No mice!!! Can't wait to see what you do next. <3

1st Man said...

Ha, so true. They can't get through the fence into the property, but they can stick heads through. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind, LOL! :-)

1st Man said...

You and me both, read my post coming up tomorrow. I totally hear ya.

1st Man said...

They are definitely company and I found myself talking to them, ha. You'll see soon, I promise!!