Sunday, October 27, 2013


Vintage poster, WWII Win With Tin, image courtesy of NY public library
This one is really neat.  As usual, this is part of the WWII recycling conservation effort.  I like the posters like this that, instead of just having only the message, in this case "Win With Tin", also gave you instructions on how to do it.

Clean the can under water and remove the label.  Put it on the floor and stomp on it, ha, slip the cut off ends inside and give to a collector.

I bet today, even with instructions, not many would do it.  Kind of sad in a way.
We've almost always recycled, but I know many don't.

Hope you are having a good weekend!


  1. True. I do not have deep nostalgia for bygone eras. (Such as people thinking, say the 1950s, was a great time. What is so great about the fear of nuclear holocaust and Soviet Union). It would appear that our society is less interested in 'aiding' or in a single idea than before.

    I have a number of big plastic bags filled with my 'trash'. It is orderly. However, it sits there behind the solar array, awaiting sorting and taking to the recycle place.

    1. There is something to be said for people coming together for a common cause, that was nice to see, but that being said, like you said times have definitely changed.

      Saw your 'trash' pile. Very impressive that it's as little as it is. And you are recycling what you have left. You are leaving a small footprint in the way you are living. We should all strive to leave a smaller impact on the environment.

  2. I recycle everything and just start to twitch when I see people throw away plastic, etc. Maybe I should start stomping on my cans in heels. :o) Have a great week!

    1. I love that part of the step by step (ha, no pun intended).

      We have these great all in one recycle bins in our neighborhood. You don't even have to sort it. You put glass, paper and metal together in one large green bin and the city has a new sorting center that does it automatically. I have never seen so many bins out since they started doing it (we used to do the three bins, one for each and it wasn't many of us doing that). It's pretty neat to see now. Baby steps!

    2. A recycling truck comes by the house on garbage day. Our one bin holds everything. There is a guy on the truck that gets out and sorts all trash at the curb, throwing items in little doors on the side of the truck. If you happen to miscalculate and throw the wrong thing in the bin, your miscalculation is just tossed into the yard, not even back in the bin.


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