Thursday, March 13, 2014


Flower garden, original source unknown
This is so crazy pretty it doesn't even look real.  I could only dream hope that we could have something like this someday at the farm.  Of course, realistically speaking, I have to look at it and think that it's a lot of constant work and probably a lot of water and maintenance.  We might have to be more conscious of native plants and drought tolerant color in our neck of the woods.

But hey, we can dream, right?  I think the contrast of the green grass and the island of bright color is just so pretty.  Plus we need some color in this long, cold Winter, don't we?  We're back down in the 30's at night now.  But never fear, I'm sure it will be 75 next week, ha. 

Hope you are having a good week!

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  1. I can just picture the herds of deer around here going nibble nibble nibble........

    It's so colorful---I just love it!

  2. this is gorgeous. i really need to plant more flowers this spring.

  3. I am passionate about the herbaceous border and the above is my ultimate goal however many years it takes me. It's stunning.

  4. Perennials and drip irrigation would do the trick. I'm seeing this border all around the outside of the raised bed garden:) Then again Sue has a point.


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