Sunday, March 16, 2014


On this weekend's cold and rainy day at the farm, there wasn't much I could do outside, so we decided to tackle this mess.  Here it is for the world to see, our secret shame, LOL. This disastrous corner is in the mudroom!  It's my gardening, tool, chemical, paint, outside stuff, OK, junk pile, corner of the world.

Well, here it is after cleaning it up.  We just had to get it organized and find homes for stuff that could go elsewhere.  Most all of it will eventually go into the barn we hope to get built later this year.  Since this IS right by the back door, it probably will still be a place to keep the stuff we need to be handy, but things like paint, gardening stuff, etc can go outside in the barn.  Until then, it's neat and organized and not a thing we need want to keep hidden from view.
Zombie sign in mudroom

Oh, and better late than never, I finally got the zombie sign up in its new home.  It's above the mudroom door going out onto the porch.  Seemed like the perfect place for a warning sign, right as you leave the house!

Hope you had a good weekend, as I said we had rain all weekend and now it's cooler.  We've had about an inch (possibly more) of rain so far.  Love the rain but please do it during the week instead of on our weekends!


  1. Nice job. I plan to do the same with the garage in a few weeks.

    1. "Tis the season", LOL! It's somewhat rewarding when you're done. Plus it was really nice listening to the rain... :-)

  2. Spent the day with the doors and windows open. Pickles and I went for a walk along the entire fence-line. (I think it teaches him the boundaries and his 'property')

    Was warm enough that I could get up and take apart the chimney. Was a bit sooty after several months of daily fires.

    Feeling pretty good.

    *ragtime playing in the back-ground*

    Absorbing sunrays.

    1. What a lovely day you had! Love that you had ragtime playing in the background. I might have to add that to my zen machine rotation, ha.

      Sunrays....ah, when will we get that here? Ha.

  3. If you have cans of paint, you might learn from my mistake. I had lots of gallons of paint in the basement. Because it was damp down there, over time the lids rusted shut. Then, I tossed all those bits that I actually did not need for touch ups anymore. Then, I had paint I was actively using. A friend started his new saw down there and used it. When I went down, the tops of the paint cans had sawdust all around between the rim and bucket. It was a mess to clean up and removed trash from the paint. I never did get it all. But, I stored paint in the laundry room from then on. If I ever store paint where trash can get on the rim and eventually in the paint, I will put a cloth (old shirt?) over it and tie it down. I would save paint that way and lots of aggravation.

    It is not too early to do spring cleaning in my opinion, especially if it is raining! When it is spring and pretty out, you will have it all done and can play outdoors.

    I love the sign!

    1. Wow, great idea. Thanks for that tip. I like the idea of a sheet or something over it, and then using a bungee cord or something to hold it down. Cool!

      And it's great because of the rain, makes it go much faster, or at least you don't feel like you are missing out on something outside.

      Isn't the sign great? Found it back around Halloween and being a fan of The Walking Dead and of course the whole tractor thing, it was perfect. :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! And thank you! I just could't pass that sign up. It was too much fun to have at the farm. Thanks for commenting!!

  5. The mudroom is always the dumping ground around here. It really just makes sense though. Mine has crates of potatoes, plant starts, geranium cuttings rooting on the windowsills, misc tools, things that need to go to the garage/shop/barn, recyclables. And the bad part about all of this is it is also the main entrance to the house. I guess we're lucky all the neighbors are also farmers/gardeners/country folks and have the same thing going on. Life is messy.
    Love those magazine holders (??) on the side of the shelf!

    1. Our mudroom is also the pantry (on the side opposite the above, now organized, mess, so we have to keep it somewhat organized, or at least not totally out of control, ha. Like is messy for sure, especially out in the country.

      You noticed the metal rack! I think I blogged about that once upon a time, it was a find from the thrift store, and we use it to keep all our instruction manuals and stuff for all the appliances and tools and various devices around the house. It makes it easy to know where they are. Although, as I type this, I realize I've been sticking stuff in there and it might have to be next to be cleaned up, ha.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, it was a random find in some Halloween decorations last year. Totally loved it the moment I saw it. The other side has a cow with a ghost costume going "Moo!". Cute but not as awesome as the zombie chasing the tractor!! :-)


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