Sunday, March 2, 2014


Tiny yard flowers known as Bluets
I'm not sure what these are called These are Bluets, thanks to a commenter below.  I noticed yesterday that parts of the yard are covered in them.  They are tiny and ever so delicate...this is a super zoomed in view.

I love seeing the first signs of color...Hopefully, this means Spring should be just around the corner.  Although right now, we've gone from 75 degrees and sunny, to about 50 degrees and raining, so who knows this season!


  1. We call these "Bluets"-Thyme-Leaved Bluets- Houstonia serpyllifolia. Lovely!

    1. THANK YOU! I love that someone comes in and answers this. Thank you so much, I'll update the blog entry to reflect the name. Thank you again! And of course, "Houstonia...." well, that seems appropriate, ha.

  2. I love these first signs of spring - and I love the name of those pretty little flowers x

  3. So beautiful! Oh how I long for random wildflowers to pop up all over our not-yet-realized property! :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing this touch of spring. Major snowstorm here today! It will be a long time before spring flowers show themselves.


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