Monday, November 24, 2014


So the last few weekends of nice weather, before the cold and rain came, was tree and bush planting time.  I figured I better get these pictures posted.  

The biggest goal was to get the driveway bushes/trees finished.  We had purchased them a month or more back and were keeping them in town but needed to get them in the ground out there as soon as possible so they could beat the Winter weather.  We made it just in time.  

Plum plumbago and Texas sage
Above is the corner of the porch.  I planted one of the Texas sage plants in the middle and then a blue plumbago on each side.  It's not a complete flower bed, as you can see I just tilled the soil and dug some holes.  I'll still need to make it more defined and of course mulch it, but for now, they are in the ground.  And three weeks in, they seem to be doing well.

Along the driveway, I had added all of the sweet almond bushes we purchased, one in between each of the Texas Lilac trees that were planted in the Spring...

This is a closeup of the sweet almond bush.  Wow, if only you could smell this through the computer, it's SO amazing...they also have flowers that are fairly similar to the flowers the Texas Lilac will produce, white instead of purple.  

Texas Lilac and Sweet Almond bush along the driveway
And this is the view down the driveway....I couldn't get them all in this photo, but there are eight of the Texas lilac trees and then nine of the sweet almond bushes.  That lines the driveway from the entrance down by 2nd Family's house all the way up to where the fence turns the corner...

More vitex and sweet almond
And that's the upper left corner is the driveway as it heads toward the farmhouse and then this is the back of 2nd Family's back pasture, part of our front yard.  I planted four more along here (two of each) to sort of carry that driveway design around the corner and to provide us with a pretty view from the front porch.  They will also, as they grow, provide us a (and 2nd Family) a bit of privacy between their pasture and our front yard.  Not that we need it, but still it's nice to have a break of some sort along an empty fence.  

There is one more major thing that has been done to the front yard area, but I'll save that for a future post.  It'll be nice to blog about something fun (and plan around) in the middle of Winter, ha. 

All in all though, we're very very happy that we got this done, we sort of started it in the Spring, then it just got too hot, and we couldn't find the sweet almond bushes, and suddenly the weather cooled and we found the bushes!  We love it when a plan comes together!

Did you get any big projects done that you had been putting off before Winter arrived?

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  1. Looking GOOD! You have been very busy! It’s going to be spectacular with color next Spring.
    My projects - planted fall-winter vegetables and flowers and now starting to enjoy them.
    How serendipitous in finding the rest of your sweet almond plants just when you needed them!

    1. Thank you! Fingers crossed we have a colorful Spring, ha. Glad you are getting to enjoy all YOUR hard work now.

  2. Will they flower all at the same time? It will be a beautiful stretch of colour. Nothing like a bit of gardening once you start getting over a lergy.

    1. Yep, the all flower from Spring to Fall...even in the heat of Summer they stay in bloom. So it should make for quite a show, if not next year, at least in a few years as they are bigger and have even more flowers, it will be pretty.

  3. That's going to be a nice looking drive way in the future. I always had dreams of lines of cherry trees but our drive is shared and too tight already.

    1. Thank you! Wow, wouldn't cherry trees be gorgeous? We can't grow those at all here, but I've seen groups of them in bloom in the Spring in other states and it is one of natures wonders. Beautiful!


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