Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later...

...scratchy throat...stuffy nose...coughing...general malaise...
I came home early yesterday and today I'm staying home from work. 

Feeling a bit better, but still need to rest so I don't undo the good I've already done by resting and taking my medicine.

Yellow Wildflower
But hey, when we don't feel good, don't flowers make us feel a bit better?  So I'll share this yellow wildflower I photographed at the farm.  
Yellow always makes me smile...

Stay healthy this season!


  1. Get well soon!
    Sip on some hot lemonade and honey.

  2. 1st Man - sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. lots of soup, tea, lemon and honey...and of course - garlic!!! raw garlic and ginger tea is really good for you and you can hide the garlic taste with honey and lemon. i love yellow flowers too and the pic you show is what we call goldenrod up here - it's beautiful! get better soon, buddy! sending much love to you and 2nd Man!

    your friend,

  3. Get well soon and I'd take Texas Rose's advice but maybe add a dash of rum to it!

  4. Get well soon.
    Obviously caught from John Gray!

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon...I've got the danged cold as well. Must be a blogger thing lol.

  6. Feel better soon!

    Try a Hot Toddie at night! They worked great for us when we lived in Ireland.

  7. Chicken soup, I thought everyone across the pond had chicken soup when they were unwell :-)
    I love Golden Rod flowers but they spread like wildfire, you can make a lovely wine from the flowers.

  8. Get well soon. I assume you haven't forgotten about your vicks on the feet trick - great for reducing fever. As for hot toddys, I've found it remarkable that no matter where I've lived, everywhere seems to have some version of hot alcohol to make you feel better. It's mostly to do with drinking something hot and then getting into a bed covered with blankets and covers and sweating it out of you, I think and the alcohol exacerbates the effect and helps you sleep, too. So, there's whiskey with cloves and lemon (Ireland), dark rum with black tea (foul tasting but very effective - got that one from my old boss in the Black Forest), hot apple wine (from Hessen) and the list goees on. You could google and then work your way through the list - your cold might still be hanging around but I doubt you'd care much. LOL

  9. I like Moonwave's idea of working your way down a list of Hot Toddies! Wishing you well fast and urging 2nd Man to take precautions so he doesn't get sick too...I know how you like to share everything, but there are limits. :-). Get better soon!

  10. I'm battling the same thing. Do you have any elderberry syrup or supplements? That works with bacterial and viral to shorten the duration of most illnesses. Feel better soon!

  11. 1st Man,

    Sending you a hug in hopes you're better soon.
    Sleep in, drink plenty of fluids, and slow down until your feeling better.


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