Sunday, November 9, 2014


It was a beautiful weekend....the weather was perfect and the birds were out in all their glory.  Captured a picture of this one (not sure what bird it is/was) as it flew off from another tree.  They were out in full force, gliding around the sky over the farm.  It was funny how I'd be working and get the big shadow pass across the ground where I was working.  The first few times it was distracting and made me look up, but then it became kind of peaceful.  I was doing my thing, they were doing theirs.

Disinterested cow
This lady was not the least bit interested in what I was doing in the yard.  I think she stayed there the entire time and just looked over occasionally, usually when I made a mooing noise (I know, I know, who can't resist mooing when there is a cow around...or is that just me?).  

Clearing a bit more land
This is one of the awesome parts..."R" from 2nd Family borrowed his friend's brush hog (bush hog? I never know which it is) to clear their front pasture.  He then asked me if we minded if he cleared some places on our property.  Free land clearing?  Go for it!  So he followed some of my trails and made them wider, but then he cleared some entirely NEW areas.  He cleared around the pond site, circled it completely, and gavels access to parts of the property we've never been able to get too.  Some of that was filled with an exciting (hopefully anyway) new discovery, but more on that later.  

We left the windows open and the breeze aired out the house and freshened things up.  No a/c and it was so cool and nice...these kinds of days are rare in these parts so we enjoyed it while we could.  We vacuumed the floors, and vacuumed up all the dead bugs from the windowsills.  (where DO they come from?).  The good news is that we are also still "creature free" and the live trap that we borrowed was returned to 2nd Family.  There didn't seem to be any activity either, so next weekend, the plan is to seal up that hole in the attic/roof line so that we can cross out fingers for the best for this Winter.

Arroz con Pollo
We had some great food, 2nd Man made a big pot of Arroz con Pollo (chicken and rice, think paella but without the seafood) and we had a bottle of wine.  It was very good (of course) and the perfect end to a weekend. 

We hope you all had a good weekend doing what makes you happy!


  1. Days like these are treasures that's for sure. More space to do things is wonderful but be warned, you might end up with the problem of keeping 11 acres mowed!!! Would that be too much zen time? We spent time fencing a new paddock and had a Wedgetailed Eagle take one of our new chickens whilst we were at it. It had just started laying too. Part and parcel of rural living.

  2. hey 1st Man - it sounds like a perfect weekend to me and the food and wine - deevine! i love reading about all that you are doing to your guys really are doing it the right way - prepping and getting everything ready while you still live mainly in the city, make money and get everything you need. having friends and family with tools and skills who want to help you out is simply priceless! lazy, uninterested cows however, seem more like cats to me - bahahahahah! much love, my friend, to you and 2nd Man!

    your friend,

    (oh p.s. - Fiona above is pretty funny saying that you might have TOO much zen time on your hands - bahahahahh!)

  3. What a wonderful weekend y’all had - plenty of sunshine, work, play, good neighbors, and good food! And open windows with a cool breeze! You’re going to have so much fun exploring along the new pathways 2nd Family cleared for you - what a great neighbor!
    Did you get any produce from your summer-survivors/volunteers? I took advantage of the great weather to work in my garden, planting, transplanting, weeding, picking vegetables, etc. That rain really did wonders for my garden - my grandma always said that rain is like fertilizer from the sky.

  4. How lovely...cows to keep you company while you work and friends to lend a hand. That does make a perfect weekend.


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