Sunday, September 13, 2015


Most every Sunday, we try to post an image of old posters that we find during online surfing.  We enjoy them because we often wonder if anyone today would heed the kind of advice they gave back then...enjoy!

This is a great poster, though a bit grim in its graphics.

Hope you are having a great weekend!  More later tonight, as this posts I'm on the zen machine mowing in our surprising cool is good, ha.


Elephant's Child said...

I suspect most of us (and our world) would be in better shape if we did follow their advice. Fortunately I think the repair, reuse, recycle movement is gaining momentum again.

laurie said...

I love these old posters, such amazing messages and the graphics are beautiful

anne marie in philly said...

plenty of americans are greedy wasteful pigs. in my home, my recycle can goes out every tuesday full of cans/glass/plastic/cardboard/newspaper. my trash can goes out 1x/month. I don't believe in wasting food. we ALL need to be mindful of the planet's finite resources.

Texas Rose said...

Waste not, want not. A good message for then and now.