Monday, September 14, 2015


Do you see it?  
Up there in the tree?

What about now?  
There in the middle?

How about now?  

Wasp nest in tree
  Yep a HUGE wasp nest way up in a mesquite tree, not too far from the bee yard area.  I had to take care of it, we hate using chemicals but these wasps can be very aggressive and I don't need to bump into the tree with the zen machine and have them fall on me...that wouldn't be so "zen", ha.  They are also very near the beehives and we don't need any sort of insect war going on... 

I used wasp spray that shoots about 25 feet and that was just about at the far end of the range.  I did it and then ran.  Wasps are gone now.

I guess I'll have to keep an eye on the sky from now on as I roam around.  Recently, 2nd Family's "R" was stung several times as he was cutting a limb on a tree and didn't see a wasp nest that was higher up until it was too late.


  1. ew ew ew! I am allergic to such insects; kill them with fire!

  2. I would keep a close eye on every crack or crevice in the house as the remaining wasps will be looking for a new safe place to nest and since your house welcomes snakes, why not wasps! :-)

  3. i am very against using chemicals but i would have been all over that with poison of any kind!!! i am so allergic!

  4. We have had a large audience of wasps at our country house this year as well. I just wish they would build their nests where needed (near the garden area) & not right in every doorway we have! And, I would like for them to keep their nests small. But apparently, they have to have huge trophy nests if you let them.

  5. I prefer for them to stay away form me too, but they really seem to like my house. I am continually knocking small nests from the supports and recessed lights in the covered deck. I am pretty sure I have one in the chimney also, because I have seen a couple fly in from the fireplace where the dog's tail has hit the screen leaving a tiny opening. For inside the house I keep a spray bottle of water, castille soap and peppermint oil and it kills those suckers dead in a minute. Outside, I am ashamed to admit, I sometimes use chemicals.

  6. I kinda thought that is what it was in your first picture but wasn't for certain till I scrolled down further.
    A good time to spray them nests is in the early morning hours Before the wasps leave the nest.
    After a few days, knock down the nest if possible and destroy it.
    Every once in awhile I get them growing on my roses, etc.

  7. It's really sad to me that folks fear wasps so badly. I understand if you are allergic. Wasps are hugely beneficial on the homestead and garden. I leave them alone and they leave me alone, as long as I don't flail about and act crazy every time I'm around them. Ha! I even allow them to build on on porches. I've painted to within 4 inches of their nest, using slow easy motions. They stare at me, but mostly they just watch me and water what the heck I'm up to.
    Read this article.

  8. Eeeewwww!!! Those nasty li5le suckers build their nests in my mailbox. We have to knock them every couple of days

  9. They look like a cross between a yellow jacket and a red wasp. They are mean. My sister and I were loading some calves at her place one day and one stung me. Felt like I have been branded with a red hot poker and it hurt for over an hour. When my dad had honey bees he had to watch in the winter to keep wasp out. They will kill your bees. You did good to kill them.

  10. I do hate chemicals, but I also think chemicals were in order.

  11. Snakes in the house,
    Snakes by the house,
    Wasps in the tree,
    What next will it be?
    = : - 0

  12. Creatures are acting crazy this year!

  13. Gaaaaa! That gives me the heebie geebies!

  14. I have lost 2 bee hives this year due to wasp attacks here in the Uk its the time of year they attack the hives, every wasp nest we find is destroyed we need the bees more :-)

  15. I hope 'R' is ok? And as others have said...Ew!

  16. 1st Man,

    Keep an eye on your bee hives to make sure you don't have more unwanted visitors. Expect more wasp nests around.

  17. you could always put on your beehive suit when spraying those wasps. I was thinking it should be done at night or when i is cooler as to be able to catch all the wasps there or else they will go somewhere else & rebuild. Eyes open.


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