Wednesday, September 9, 2015


We stopped at a Farmer's Market and found two bags of these mixed potatoes.  They are small and the few we've had so far are very tasty.

Plus, with the variety of colors, they just look so pretty in the bowl, ha.

Red, white and purple small potatoes
So far, we've had some smashed potatoes, and some just sliced and oven roasted with rosemary and olive oil.  We still have another bowl full.

Any good potato recipe suggestions?


Colleen said...

Just to name a few that I make around here
Ham and / or potato soup
scalloped potatoes and ham
potato pancakes with applesauce on the side
Steak Fries
Accordion potatoes
Stuffed baked potato or twice baked potato
homemade hash browns

Colleen said...

that should be...ham and / or bacon potato soup

Texas Rose said...

I bought some of those to use with green beans from my garden. They added a lot of pretty color.
Leftover potatoes could be used the next morning with eggs and bacon in a tortilla to make a taquito - a breakfast taco. Or added to a frittata.
Add them to a beef stew or a chicken pot pie - they will add a lot of color.
Homemade potato chips.
Sliced potatoes for a crust for quiche.
Sausage and potato casserole.
Beef and potato curry.
Potato rolls.
Potato salad. Or warm German potato salad.
Freeze some leftover potatoes to thicken soups this winter - they add creaminess without using cream.

Jacquelineand.... said...

Simple, elegant, and delicious - tender on the inside and nice and crusty on the outside: a potato galette is my fave way to 'use up' potatoes. Leftovers reheat easily as well. Here is a good basic recipe: To this I like to add some garlic, shallot, and a bit of sharp-flavoured cheese.
Your potatoes will make a gorgeous galette.

Dani said...


Boiled in the skins, quickly skinned when they're cooked (don't burn your fingers), and served with (melted) butter and finely chopped parsley or mint. No better way to taste baby potatoes.

Marcia said...

If they're small, boil them till just done. Wrap with half a strip of bacon and spear with a toothpick. Oven roast until bacon is done. Great appetizer.

Midnite Baker said...

I've made this one many times with store bought fingerlings and wouldn't hesitate to use your spuds in this recipe. Have fun finding one you like.

Midnite Baker said...

Forgot, didn't have leeks so used green onions in that recipe.

carol pavlik said...

Hello..I have never met a potato I did not like but I don't know about blue or purple, never tried one. I like to pierce potatoes and put them in the microwave. (I have a potato setting) When they come out I carefully cut them in quarters lengthwise, coat them with melted butter using a brush and then breadcrumbs. Fry them in a little oil till brown, doesn't take long because they are already cooked. Everyone I make these for raves. But I have found cooked potatoes in the fridge make meal planning easier. We love fried potatoes and eggs for dinner. Love your blog and your blog list. Carol

1st Man said...

Um yeah, now you're talking!! Thanks for that, love homemade hash browns, never thought about some of those others.

1st Man said...

Oh how I love a good potato stomach just growled, ha. Those are some great ideas, thank you! And I didn't realize you could freeze them. Thanks!

1st Man said...

Thank you for that link! I just printed it out. I don't think we've ever made anything like that, sounds like fun the next time we have some taters!! Thank you and thanks for the tip to add some other things!

1st Man said... bring it to it's most basic level. I love that. Often, simple is best. Thank you Dani!!!

1st Man said...

O.M.G. Bacon? Around a potato? We love you. :-)

1st Man said...

Thank you, this sounds delicious!! Another printed out for the kitchen folder. Love a good potato salad.

1st Man said...

Even better, I LOVE green onions, ha.

1st Man said...

Well first of all, hi! And thank you of the nice comments. I never thought about keeping cooked potatoes in the fridge! What a great idea.... :-)

And as for cooking them, then butter and bread crumbs and frying? Holy cow, thanks for that tip too!! And by the way, the blue/purple ones are delicious!

Sandy said...

1st Man,

When making my mashed potatoes, I boil the potatoes in my own homemade chicken broth. Then when mashed, I add a little cream cheese, butter, and heavy cream with salt and pepper. We mash with skins on, omg talk about a piece of heaven.

Soon I will be harvesting our baby red potatoes from the garden!