Monday, September 26, 2016


On the way to the farm last Saturday, I remembered that we needed some veggies to start getting ready for Fall garden planting.  So I popped into the garden center.  Then I saw some trees over in a corner.  They looked like fruit tree from a distance and sure enough, they were.  I asked the cashier and she said they just got them in but didn't know how much about them.  She checked and said "they're $15 each because it's the end of the season". 

I looked at them and once I realized what they were...I said to myself "SOLD!".

Joey avocado trees
First up, AVOCADO trees! 

And a quick search of Google revealed that they are the variety best adapted to our climate.  These are the "Joey avocado", hardy down to 15 degrees and drought tolerant once established.

Lemon, orange and lime
Then I found 2nd Man's citrus trees.  

He's been wanting citrus at the farm and so I got "the trinity" of orange, a lemon, and a lime.  The orange is not a true orange per se, I mean, not like a's an Owari Satsuma, the lemon is a Meyer Lemon, and finally a Persian Lime.  Once again, the best varieties for our area and climate. 

Arbequina olive trees
And these, for $15 each are probably the best deals...they are two Arbequina Olive trees!  I've seen this size for $60 and up in catalogs.  We got two for $30!  We already have one, in a container, that was in our backyard at the house in town before we moved.  We took it to the farm and it's growing out there, though contained in a large clay pot.  As with the others, we did our research and this is the variety grown in our part of Texas.  

With the other trees, they will be planted in our orchard area...for the olives I need to do some research.  They can live hundreds of years, want to make sure they are in the right spot, ha!!  Seriously though, we do need to think ahead.  I think they would be better together, but I'm still trying to keep all the trees closer to the house and water.  Who knows, maybe three olive trees will give us our own olive oil someday.

A few down, still a few more to go!
Go fruit trees!


  1. You are so lucky in finding and getting the best buys like this compared to anyone I know.
    Great buy on the trees but do be careful of the citrus trees as they Do Not like freezing temperatures. I have a dwarf Meyer Lemon in container so when it starts to get cold I can bring it inside so that it doesn't get frost bitten or freeze and end up dying.
    You might want to think ahead and have something prepared to wrap around your citrus trees if temperatures get too cold in your are during the winter months.

  2. great deal and the best time of year to buy and plant trees. i have the same olives but this year i got no fruit. we have had so little rain i am surprised we got anything.we had 100% chance of rain today and we got about 2 drops. i give up!

  3. I don't know how you always manage to be in the right spot at the right time, but...

    I thought of you this morning when I read the news about the shooter and I hoped you were not one of the victims.

  4. LOVE the fruit trees you bought - and that price! I would really like to have an olive tree - and you got yours for $15, wow!
    Your citrus trees should be fine in this area. I live about an hour south of you and have had citrus for about 15 years. For the first few years, I do protect their trunks in winter with mulch piled up around it. Then move the mulch away from the trunk in spring.

  5. Great deal! We live on our farm of 180 acres between Houston and austin and have 2 satsuma trees and 3 blueberry bushes we bought locally. We have pear and lemon trees too but they aren't near the house and I'm not sure how they are doing this year. Love following your farm adventures!


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