Sunday, September 25, 2016


Bacon and eggs
Bacon and eggs before heading out...I like my eggs over-easy with a bit of Sriracha on top (sometimes Tabasco sauce)...and my bacon, well, bacon is nature's most perfect food, LOL!

Rain is coming
It was another beat the rain day.  

On the way to the farm, I had to stop at the garden center to look for fruit trees, more on that in another post.  I was able to get everything mowed, pulled weeds in the garden, did a few other things and then it started getting darker and the smell of rain permeated the air.  Time to head back.

Old cookbook
On the way back, I stopped at a thrift store in the town where the farm is and found this book.  It's from the early 60's and has HUNDREDS of great vegeatble recipes, including a few pages on okra!  Woo hoo!  

50 cents.  SOLD!

The day was not without incident however.  When I was moving a large plant in a container, I dragged it over my foot at just the right angle to pull back the toenail on my big toe...while inside the shoe!  

I will spare you THAT picture, ha. 

Pork chop and veggies
We couldn't stay overnight because we have plans in town today and so when we got back into town, 2nd Man pan seared some pork chops and made a rice and veggie side dish.  It was delicious.  

And now today it's going to be raining all day, which is good because we do need the rain (hard to believe I'm saying that after this past Spring).

Hope your weekend is going well!


  1. Was at our daughter's yesterday all day for Big Birthday bash. When we got home we noticed it had rained; 1/2 inch but later in the evening had thunderstorms and heavy rain and received another 1 and 3/10ths and now this morning has been raining off and on which will keep up all day. Yes, we did need a nice rain fall. My pepper plants are still growing like crazy.
    Your breakfast and pork chop meal looks delicious. (more Beautiful pictures for your future cookbook. :} )

    Oh, by the way Yes, I am a great grandma-ma now. The little guy was born early Friday morning at 2:20am; right on my husband's birthday. :}
    Found out yesterday that we will be great grandparents again come next month but not due on my birthday, but later in the month.
    what a great find and good price on that cookbook by the way.
    Until next time; have a Great and enjoyable day

    1. Oh, by the way; sorry to hear about your injury. You may have to break down and buy yourself a pair of steel toed shoes if you continue to get injuries like that.
      Just be careful so it doesn't get infected.

  2. Old cookbooks are the greatest. I'm happy for your find. Though books from the 50s and beyond might not be the most health conscious, they sure have the most amazing comfort food, a bit like your amazing breakfast and lunch. Now put your feet up after all that work and nurse that toe.

  3. My favorite cookbook for vegetable cooking with lots of growing, harvesting, and storing tips is The Victory Garden Cookbook by Marian Morash. I think it is one you might enjoy.

  4. Okra is one of my favorite veggies, but it has to be cooked right or I/we won't eat it. FYI. It is great brushed with olive oil and grilled ( but nothing beats fried )

  5. I love old cookbooks. Your toe made my feet curl up,ouch!

  6. Love that breakfast, but I can't have a speck of runny white in the eggs. For twenty odd years I had to have the white cord things removed. I read about them once and their name is disgusting too. The aren't really umbilical cords but hold the yolk centered in the egg. Still creepy. I read the smartest person in the world, Marilyn Vos Savant, say the one thing she'd take to eat on a desert island, would be the egg.

  7. 2 delicious food pictures!
    Sorry about your toe - reading about it made me cringe - ouch!
    A great find on that vegetable cookbook! I love old cookbooks.

  8. Ouch! About your toe. Glad you got stuff done. Hug each other!


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